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Melville House, Lévy respond to charges by Pervez Musharraf

29 SEPEMBER 2003 — Melville House and author Bernard–Henri Lévy join Ruth and Judea Pearl in denouncing the comments of the President of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf, regarding our book "Who Killed Daniel Pearl?", in response to a query from Canadian MP Irwin Cotler. In particular, we find reprehensible the statement by President Musharraf that Daniel Pearl was murdered because he had become an "extremist." That is indeed a ludicrous case of what Ruth Pearl calls "blaming the victim."

The author issues the following statement:

"Musharraf's comments were an outrageous slander on the memory of Daniel Pearl. Daniel Pearl was a journalist doing his job, and doing it fearlessly. He was not an extremist. This is the same thing that Musharraf had the nerve to say to President Bush at the time of the kidnapping, that Danny Pearl had been 'over-intrusive,' as if he brought his own murder upon himself. I am astonished that Musharraf is allowed to get away with these comments as a way of avoiding discussion on Pakistan's responsibility in this tragedy."

Melville House publisher Dennis Johnson also comments, "Clearly, Bernard–Henri Lévy's book has touched a nerve. We express once again our great admiration for Ruth and Judea Pearl, and for Mariane Pearl, for their courage in the face of such relentless and brutish disregard. We also join the world in calling upon Pakistan to erect a monument to Daniel Pearl in Karachi, as a reminder of both his tragic end, and his enduring spirit."


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